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Our Peter Pan Room

Today I thought I’d share about my favorite room in our house.  From the moment we moved into our house a  few years ago, this was my least favorite room.  The paint job was poor but was one of the better paint jobs in the house so we left it.  There were baseboard heaters that had been taken out right before we moved in but the walls were never fixed there.  And worst of all- the carpet smelled terrible.  The smell was tolerable as long as the door stayed open but once we decided to change it from a play room to Little Bear’s room, I felt like we really needed to do something about it.


Of course, we didn’t have a ton of funds for this somewhat spontaneous project.  So we went to our local re-purposing center, Home ReSource, and found a nearly full can of light blue paint that we liked.  It was only a few dollars so this is a great way to save some money.  We ended up needing another can so we went to Walmart and had them do a color match, but still, by getting the first can so cheap we spent about half what we would have spent.


We tore out our carpet and found some carpet on super sale.  The carpet pad (the foamy stuff that goes under the carpet that you see rolled up here) was not very spendy.  We initially went in to look at remnants, but the on sale carpet was actually cheaper.  This was a lot of work, but we had the time for it and it saved us a lot of money.  We borrowed a carpet tool (I don’t know what it’s called but it helps make the carpet tight and pushes it down) from our local tool library.  We love our tool library.  There is an annual membership fee and then small tools and things that don’t use gas are free to borrow for a week and larger things like lawn mowers, cider press, etc. have a very small additional charge.


We got some 2×2’s to use for the teepee.  My husband measured and cut them the appropriate length and put a groove in one where it criss-crosses.  I took an old sheet and nailed it to the beams and cut the excess material off.  Then cut the slit in the middle for the opening and attached velcro for opening and closing.  There are some high shelves in there for diapers, clothes that he’s not big enough for, and some toys that they have to ask me to play with.  But the whole bottom of the closet is empty for playing in.


I came up with this sign idea and my awesome husband made it for me.  He made the shelf out of scraps from our garage, as well.  He’s so handy.  You can check him out here or on instagram @creations.integrations.


Peter Pan sticker for the wall.  We’re going to make a map of Neverland for this corner, too.  We painted the furniture white.  They both used to be an ugly brown.


The kids just love this room.  I do too.  I kind of want to steal this room for myself.  I love the nice new carpet.  It all smells so nice now.  And it’s so clean.  It’s not a big playroom mess anymore.


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