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Board Games We Love

We are big board game fans in this house.  I’m going to share some of my favorites and why I like them.  I enjoy posts like this because this is how I find out about a lot of things- apps, board games, etc.  So I thought I’d do my own.  I’m starting with my favorite games for preschoolers and working up to games my husband and I love to play together.


UNO MOO: I wasn’t a big fan of this game when I first got it.  I thought it was a little boring.  But I like it better now and my kids LOVE it.  Unlike Candy Land (which is another good game for colors), it doesn’t evoke strong negative emotions (you can’t get sent back to the beginning of the board…if you draw a skunk you draw two, if you don’t have something to play you draw one…that’s it), it’s great for working on matching, and my five and three year old can play it all by themselves.  Huge bonus.  The game is just like UNO but more simple. 2-4 players ages 3 and up.

Another one that my kids can usually manage to play on their own is Memory. Lots of versions out there. We have the Disney Princess Matching Game version.

Sturdy Birdy: I bought this game for my three year old who isn’t really into sitting down and playing games for very long.  Everyone takes turns doing silly yoga-like poses while balancing a bean bag on a certain body part and counting to a certain number rolled by dice. 2-4 players.  It says ages 5 and up.  And that’s probably legitimate for balance purposes.  We change the rules up a bit for my three year old.

Sequence for Kids:  This is one of the few games for preschoolers I’ve played that I actually enjoy.  You get to put a chip on the board on the animal that matches the card you are playing, and you try to get four in a row.  We play it with older kids…eight and ten year olds…and they like it too.  2-4 players.  Ages 3 and up.

Spell Trek: This game is SO AWESOME.  There are a bunch of cards with words on them and the vowels are missing.  Each turn you pick a vowel and try to use it to complete one of the words in your hands and as you complete words you get to move around the board.  My three year old is too young to really get it but she thinks it’s pretty fun and we get to practice talking about letters and the sounds they make.  My five year old is already reading and knows her vowels but she gets to work on spelling and learn new words.  Our friend who is eight played this game with us and thought it was really fun even though she didn’t really learn anything, and I enjoy it too!  2-4 players ages 6 and up (they say) but I would say definitely 4 and up can easily enjoy it.


Spell Trek is a Simply Fun board game, which my friend sells.  They are quality educational games, perfect for homeschooling…or just for fun.  We’ve liked every game we’ve played but I can’t post about them ALL here (too many!) so I’ll do another post on that another time.

Enchanted Forest: This is our favorite family game. You make your way through the enchanted forest and try to remember the treasures that are hidden under the trees.  Once you find the treasure that is currently at the castle, you make your way to the castle to try to claim that treasure.  It is a great memory game.  Tricky for my preschooler, but she plays on a team.  My kindergartner loves it.  Ages 6 and up, 2-6 players

Qwirkle Board Game: We were introduced to this game by a friend as a game for adults…but since then we’ve bought it and play with kids all the time.  It’s tricky for our five year old, but she’s getting the hang of it!  You have a bunch of tiles with shapes and colors on them and you play them like you would Scrabble sort of…laying them out in rows and columns.  Each row/column can only have one of each kind of tile.  So if you want to lay three stars down, they all have to be a different color and in order to complete the qwirkel and get more points, you finish the row with one of every color.  You can also do a row all of the same color but there has to be one of each shape.  2-4 players, ages 6 and up

Blokus: This game is fun for older kids and adults.  My husband and I like to play it while we’re watching a show after the kids are in bed.  But our eight and ten year old friends who are over a lot enjoy it as well.  You have differently shaped tiles that you have to play a certain way and you try to play as many as you can.  The person with the least tiles left after nobody else can play wins. 2-4 players ages 7 and up.

SET Card Game: This is not something you can play while watching a show…it takes concentration for sure…but it’s still a game my husband and I like to play together at night.  There are three different colors, 3 shapes, three numbers, and 3 styles of shading.  Cards are laid out for all to see and when you find a set, you call it and grab it.  There are multiple to make a set.  My mathematical husband loves this game.  1-20 players ages 6 and up…although I’d recommend it for a bit older than six.


Carcassonne: Build farms, cities and roads to earn points.  I love this the most as a two person game but it says 2-5 players.  Ages 8 and up.

Splendor: I’ve only played this once but it is already one of my favorites and definitely makes the list.  Simply put, you buy cards with different jewels and you try to get the most points. This game is more advanced than Qwirkel but still would be a good family game with older kids.  Ages 10 and up.  2-4 players.

Ticket To Ride: Complete your tickets by building trains across the map and earn points.  This is my husband’s and my favorite game to play because we both really love it.  (Most games one of us loves it more than the other.)  2-5 players ages 8 and up (although I think in order to really get the strategy and keep up with adult players, most kids will do better if they are a bit older.)

Agricola:  This is my favorite game.  But it is super complicated and takes a long time to learn.  You build a farm- add on rooms to your house, upgrade from a wooden hut to a clay house to a stone cottage, build pastures for animals, plow fields, plant grains and veggies, feed your family at harvest time.  The more rooms you have, the more people you have room for, the more turns you can take in each round.  The more fields and pastures you have, the more food you have access to for feeding your family.  But you can only do so many things in a turn…so you have to figure out your priorities!  There are different occupation cards and improvement cards to help you out and change up the game each time you play.  So fun.  If you play it so often that you want a change, the game comes with two other decks of cards to mix things up!!  2-5 players.  Ages 12 and up.

DixIt:  This is a fun game for a small group of adults.  There are different versions of this game.  You have a bunch of cards in your hand all that have different art work.  The art work is gorgeous and has a lot of symbolism, which is cool for game purposes.  When it’s your turn, you choose a card from your hand and say a word or phrase or even hum a tune.  Everyone else puts in a card from their own hand that goes with what you said.  Then you lay all the cards out and everyone tries to guess what your card was.  Points are awarded to people who get it right, to people whose card was guessed as the correct one, but really wasn’t, and to the person who said the clue if some people, but not everyone, guess your card correctly.  It’s the most fun with more people.  3-6 players.  Ages 8 and up.  (So it says.  I’ve never played this game with children.)

Balderdash:  We’ve played The Game of Things and Loaded Questions…all which are similar to this one, but this is my favorite.  You have to come up with definitions to weird words, information about crazy laws, and synopsis for obscure movie titles, etc.  There is one real answer that is read with all the answers everyone else comes up with and everyone has to guess which one is the correct one.  You get points if people guess yours.  This is my one of my favorite party games, along with classics like Pictionary, Password, Pit, Cranium, Scattergories, Taboo, and the not as well known Squint.

There are so many fun games out there!  I couldn’t even narrow it down to ten.  Ten was my goal but I ended up with fourteen.  Oh well.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE BOARD GAMES?!  I would love to hear about your favorites.


This post contains affiliate links.  If you happen to want to purchase one of the games I mentioned, if you wouldn’t mind using the links, that would help support me, my blog, and my family ❤  The Simply Fun links support my friend Marissa.  I’m not getting compensated for posting about any of these products…I just chose my favorite games and linked to them.  Thanks a bunch!