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Why Oh Why Am I Always Running Late?!


Am I the only one who just can’t seem to figure out how much extra time to give myself to get somewhere with kids?  I really hope it’s not just me.  But really…I’m terrible at it.  I am not consistent at all.  Some days I’m right on time.  Some days I’m 5, 10, even 20 minutes late.  So ridiculous.  Sometimes I’m early.  One time we were 25 minutes early to gymnastics class and I had to chase my toddling baby all over the lobby as we waited.

After some trial and error I can usually figure it out if we’re going to the same place each time…although there are always variances.  Such as…

On their way to the van, they manage to get soaking wet and need to change their clothes.

My three year old took her pants off without me noticing and although we we arrived on time, I had to wait in the parking lot as she took her socks and shoes off, put her pants back on, and then put her socks and shoes back on.

Many times Little Sis gets out of the van without shoes.  Usually she has taken them off while we drive, but there have been times when she got into the van without shoes and I just didn’t notice.  Luckily, I usually keep some in the van for just that reason!

Sometimes everyone will get ready to go surprisingly fast.  I actually gave us more than enough time to get ready.  We’ll have thirty minutes before we need to leave.  So I let them play for a bit.  Sometimes that works out fine.  Other times my three year old decides that this is a good time to take everything off that we just got on her and, instead, put on a fairy costume.


They can’t find socks. They can’t find shoes.

I want them to wear hiking shoes for a specific reason and they want to wear dress shoes or flip flops.  Reasoning with a three year old doesn’t work well.

One time my alarm went off and my husband and I got everyone up to get ready for church.  Little Bear was so tired and crabby that I laid him back down to get some more rest while the rest of us got ready to go.  The girls commented on how dark it was outside and we gave them a little homeschool lesson on winter days vs. summer days.  Then we looked at a clock and realized it was two hours earlier than we thought it was.  Someone (my one year old who likes to push buttons) had changed the time zone on my atomic alarm clock and we didn’t notice until we were pretty much ready to go.

They are hungry.  They are thirsty.

There is a sudden, excruciatingly painful injury that has come out of nowhere and it has greatly affected the five-year-old’s ability to walk.

Someone needs to go potty.

The baby has pooped even though I just changed his diaper.  Or worse….pooped on his clothes and has gotten on me.  That hasn’t happened lately but is not uncommon with new babies.  haha

The only coat in the whole world that is worth wearing is the coat we cannot find.


They want to bring a toy.  They can’t find the toy.  They are afraid the toy is lost forever.

Suddenly the three year old does NOT want to go to the place we are going and she does NOT like our friends.

Just as I’m about to buckle her, Little Sis realizes that her hair is in a pony tail instead of a messy bun and wiggles and kicks and refuses to be buckled because she wanted a bun…even though she never told me that she wanted a bun.

She does not want my help.  She needs my help.  She does not want my help.  She needs my help.

And then, of course,  there are my own flaws.  I’m up most of the night because kids keep waking me up and I can’t get back to sleep so I oversleep in the morning.  I can’t find the diaper bag.   I can’t find my keys.  I can’t find my water bottle.  I just remembered that I was supposed to pack a lunch.  What was that address again?  Ugh, I fed the kids but forgot to feed myself.  Oh shoot, I was going to run this errand while we were out…do I still have time?  Why isn’t the van starting?!

THEN on top of all THAT, there’s…

Agh, we’re just barely on time but now we have to walk all the way over here and juggle kids, bag and wallet and pay for parking!

Traffic!?  It’s 10am on a Tuesday….

Oh no…I forgot to give myself time to set up my stroller.  (I have an awesome stroller that is a bike trailer and a stroller.  It comes apart and lays flat but takes quite a bit of time to set up.)

I’ve been a mom for almost six years.  You’d think that I’d have it down by now.  You’d think that I’d remember that even though it only takes twenty minutes to drive somewhere doesn’t mean I can wait until twenty minutes before we need to be there to say, “OK!  Everyone to the van!”  But you’d be wrong.  That still happens.  And then how late we are depends on all the variables.

Sometimes it all goes smoothly and we are right on time.

I think that’s the problem, really.  If we were never on time I’d realize that I really need to change something.  But when we’re on time about 50% of the time, it messes with my mind!  🙂

All this being said…I do not think it’s cool to use my kids as an excuse for always being late.  I do try hard to be on time and think others should, too.  But kids sure don’t make it easy!  As important as I think it is to be on time, I also don’t think it helps to get bent out of shape about it.  It is what it is…apologize and do something different next time.  Let’s remember to give others, and ourselves, grace.  I wrote this post because I think it’s good to be able to laugh about it, rather than just feeling frustrated.  I hope this post gave you a chuckle and maybe some of you out there are nodding your heads because you experience these things as well.

WHAT ABOUT YOU?!  Any funny stories? Any tips for being on time?  Are you the kind of person who is just always on time no matter what?  We don’t want your kind here.  No need to comment.  😉  




Staying Sane Amid all the Crazy

Parenting is hard!  There are days that I lay down in bed after a tough day thinking, “Well, I guess we’ll just have to try again tomorrow.”

I realized one day that every word out of my mouth was spoken with annoyance.  And I had been yelling. My husband and I started a yelling jar to try to nip that habit in the bud. The next morning I put five chips in. Five. All before 10am.

The fighting. Hitting. Screaming. Whining.

The baby waking up because of the loud siblings.  (Little Sis is loud even when she’s happy!)

The toddler who throws herself on the ground or runs away when she doesn’t want to do something.

The way I look when I’m carrying a baby, a diaper bag, and a kicking and screaming two year old to the van and trying to explain to the upset four year old why I can’t hold her hand.

Putting the toddler back in bed for the tenth time in one night.  Eleventh.  Twelfth. (Seriously.  This is happening as I am writing this.  I think the time change is messing with their heads.)

How are we always running late?  Why can’t they ever find their shoes?

Will there ever be a meal, other than pancakes, pb&j’s, or mac and cheese that my four year old does not say “but I didn’t want THAT” to, even before she bothers to look at it or try it?

Asking them to do something or not do something and then one minute later they are doing the opposite of what I asked.

Oh the messes! Not just an untidy house, but silly putty in the carpet, mascara all over my toddler’s face, pen marks on kid and clothes and toilet, marker on the walls, pieces of toilet paper all over the bathroom floor…

The list could go on and on.  We have to be able to laugh or we’ll go crazy!

This toddler….

….likes to draw EVERYWHERE.

Do you ever feel like you are at a complete loss for what to do?  That you just keep trying and trying and nothing is working?  Do you maybe have that one kid that you aren’t sure how to parent?  You’re definitely not alone.

I took the kids to a fun class the other day and Little Sis really liked the singing and story time.  But then they played a game and she was pushing the other children who were trying to play.  I tried talking to her about it but she kept doing it. They were stepping on pictures for the game and she really thought that kids should not step on pictures. Haha! So I took her to the coloring station and she colored for a bit.  But then she spotted some scissors and started screaming when I wouldn’t let her play with them.  (There was only one pair and everyone needed to share for the craft.) Then we went to a station where there were a lot of toy animals to play with.  She was having fun playing with another girl and her mom until the girl had something she wanted.  Then she yelled and tried to take the toy away and wouldn’t listen to anything anyone said while she could still see the girl with the toy. I knew all the “right” things to say to my two year old in this situation but she wouldn’t even calm down to listen to me.  She just fought me and fought me until I decided that we’d just go home because the class was pretty much over anyway.

I took classes in child development.  I have a degree in interpersonal communication.  I was a part time nanny for five years.  I worked at or ran summer camps and after school programs for six years.  I was a trained mental health aid for children with attachment disorders.  I read parenting books and blogs.  My favorite game with my husband even before we got married was “what would you do” and we’d talk about different parenting situations.  I feel like I’ve trained to be a parent my entire adult life…and you know what?  I STILL find myself feeling at times like I have no flippin clue what I’m doing!  🙂

Even if things are going well and I do feel confident in how I should handle a situation, there are always bad days or difficult circumstances…and there isn’t just one right way of doing things. What worked with Big Sis does not always work with Little Sis. What worked for your kid may or may not work for my kid.  Or at least not as quickly and easily.

We just need to keep at it. Keep encouraging each other. Sometimes when my child is being a crazy little stinker and I’m feeling overwhelmed and impatient, a smile from another parent is what I need to stay calm and handle it the way I really want to, rather than getting embarrassed and angry.

Nobody has it all together. There is no secret to having perfect kids that some of us just haven’t discovered yet. But there are things that help us not-perfect-moms to deal with our not-perfect-children without going insane. What are some things that you do? Please share things that you do to keep your sanity amid all the crazy and I might feature your idea on my blog!  OR do you have a situation that you are looking for ideas on how to handle it?  Ask away!  Not all ideas work for everyone.  Even an idea that works for you now might not work a few months later.  But I love asking my friends for ideas or advice or reading blog posts.  I find so much encouragement this way and I hope that this blog can be encouraging to you.

Thanks for reading!

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The Third Kid Eats Dirt

You know those funny sayings about how moms care less about things as they have more children? Like this…


Well, it’s sort of true. I have never cared about the dirt thing, but I do care about nutrition, limited screen time, taking care of our things, safety, and of course much more.  But, oh man.  Let’s take a look at the things I just listed.


When my first child was little, I was so good with nutrition.  I made healthy homemade cookies, muffins, granola bars, etc for snacks all the time. Now I rarely have time to bake and I find myself feeding them store bought granola bars and fruit snacks!

On the topic of nutrition, my 4 year old did not have any soda at all…not even a sip…until she was almost 4.  She was at a birthday party and someone gave her some.  She told us about it later in the car and we were kind of shocked and then laughed pretty hard.  It was a good run.  But my two year old?  She has already had some several times.  Of course we never just give either of them a glass of soda to drink, but I let them have sips on special occasions…which is pretty much only if we take them to a movie.  We just started taking them to see movies once in a while in the last year and we’ll get popcorn and soda and let the girls each have some sips, although I bring water for them to really drink.  I would never have let Big Sis have a sip of soda when she was two! But Little Sis wants to do whatever Big Sis does.

Limited Screen Time

When Big Sis was little, she really only watched things that were somewhat educational.  But as Big Sis grew up and started to be able to watch shows a bit more often and to choose what she watched, Little Sis would watch these shows too and I started to realize that she was watching shows more often than I’d like a two year old to, and missing out on the sweet educational shows Big Sis loved so much. I am afraid it will be even worse for Little Bear. But I have started to limit screen time more and regulate what they are watching more since I noticed this.

Also, (this would have been really bad if it became a regular occurrence rather than it being a temporary fix…) the first two weeks I was home by myself with the kids after having Little Bear, I was so exhausted when the girls came into my room in the morning that I’d sign in to Netflix, hand them the iPad, and let them watch whatever they wanted while I slept!  Now that Little Bear is sleeping through the night most nights, this is no longer happening. But it sure was helpful that first month transitioning on my own!

Taking Care of Our Things

Lately my basement carpet has been colored on, silly putty has been squished onto the playroom carpet, I found the kids playing with permanent markers, the wrong markers being used on the white board, toys are breaking, doll hair is getting tangled, little pieces to things are missing, and things are becoming toys that shouldn’t…like picture frames. I am trying, but I can’t be everywhere watching them all the time!  I’ll be upstairs nursing Little Bear and the girls will be downstairs playing so nicely without fighting…giggling and giggling…so happy.  And then I’ll go downstairs and discover they’ve been doing things that I didn’t want them to do.  Most of the time they don’t even realize they were doing something wrong.  With more kids with needs, it is harder to see everything and be everywhere and talk to them about every choice they make as they are doing it.


And last, but certainly not least…safety.  When Big Sis was little I bonked her head on the tv as I was carrying her one time.  That’s about it.  When Little Sis was a baby, she rolled off the bed once…but we weren’t using a bed frame and the mattress was on a soft carpeted floor and she didn’t even seem to really notice she had fallen.  She also got jostled a bit by Big Sis, but Big Sis was pretty gentle with her and was a pretty good listener and fast learner.  Things are a little different with Little Bear.  He has not been hurt but I am afraid for his safety daily!  Little Sis a crazy toddler.  She doesn’t really think as much about how people or things are affected by what she does (yeah, she’s two, that shouldn’t be a big shock I guess.)  If she feels like sitting on my lap she’s going to take the quickest route to me, which might mean crawling on top of her brother.  If she feels like jumping on the bed, she’s going to do that, even if brother is laying on the bed right next to her.  If she is holding her brother and she decides she is done, she’s just going to get up…never mind telling me that she’s ready for me to take him back.  The other day she was walking close to him as he lay on the floor on the play mat, her feet got tangled up on the play mat and she fell on him! Good thing he is sturdy 😉  She is so sweet and loving, but she just doesn’t think things through or realize the consequences.  When I try to explain things to her she doesn’t seem to really fully grasp it…she often thinks it’s funny.

Then there’s Big Sis.  She thinks she’s a very big girl now.  I asked her to do something recently and she said to me that she doesn’t have to listen because she’s a big girl now.  Yikes.  A couple days ago I left Big Sis downstairs holding the baby. A friend was down there feeding her baby too. I had told Big Sis to stay down there until I had lunch ready. It was only going to take me five minutes max. But when my friend came upstairs two minutes later, she heard a little voice behind her, looked back and saw Big Sis coming up the stairs too.  She was CARRYING her two month old brother.  She was so proud of herself…but NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

It’s not that I’m choosing to let safety be less important for my third child, but again, I can’t be everywhere.  I can’t always be holding him.  I have to do my best to teach the girls how to treat the baby and then hope that they listen.  I’m trying to give them more responsibilities that they CAN do, like give him a pacifier, throw a diaper away, etc.  NOT carrying him 😉  Although I didn’t actually tell her that she couldn’t carry him at all, just that she needed to ask first so we could help. And NEVER up the stairs.


My Point

The meme is funny and it reminded me of what I wanted to talk about, but it’s not the perfect example.  I think with dirt it’s funny because it’s not a big deal and we just realize as we get more experience what is worth freaking out about and what isn’t.  But on a more serious note, I really do find myself not doing things that I initially put as higher priorities.

On one hand, I think that moms should not be too hard on themselves.  Love and safety…helping them to become functioning, compassionate, responsible human beings…things like that are the most important and for everything else we just do the best we can and allow ourselves to receive grace for not being perfect.

On the other hand, it would be easy to choose to be lazy and use three kids as an excuse.  I have chosen to be a bit more lenient with things like sips of soda at the movies…but I did get a little lazy with some things that I am now enforcing more boundaries on now that I’m feeling better (no longer hugely pregnant or recovering from childbirth!)

The transition between two and three kids has definitely been the most difficult for me but it’s not like that for everyone.  It really depends on your circumstances…ages and temperaments of your other children, the support and help you have, etc. My husband was home quite a bit for the first couple months with my other two children because he is a teacher and my girls were born in the summer.  That definitely made a big difference.

Do you have multiple children?  What has been the hardest transition so far for you?  What things have you become more lenient on…purposefully or not?  What have you had to give yourself grace for and what have you had to work harder on to keep as a priority?


Bribery…a Useful Tool?

shopping with small children

We’ve all seen…or been…the parents in the store with the screaming kid.  I’ve definitely been in that situation many times, some much worse than others.  Before you had kids, do you remember thinking negatively about the parents or the kids in those scenarios?  I think it’s probably pretty common for people who have not yet been parents themselves to observe screaming children in the store and make some sort of  judgement about the situation.  It seems pretty natural to watch all the parents around you and think to yourself how you would handle that same situation if you were the parent.  Parenting is hard!  Rarely is there one right answer to any given situation.  Now parents, once you had your own kids, were you able to follow through with all those decisions you made based on what you learned while observing other parenting styles?  😉  Probably not all of them.  My husband and I talked a lot about parenting before we became parents…perhaps more than most couples do because we met while running summer camps.  We were site directors at summer camps for the first three summers that we knew each other.  So not only did we talk about what we would do, we practiced it…as much as a summer camp counselor can.  But even with all that talk and practice, there are things we ended up changing our minds about, problems we didn’t foresee, or stressful situations that affect our parenting choices and keep us from following through on decisions we had made.


I had just written this post and wanted to take the picture above with the shopping cart for this blog. As we were doing that Big Sis started screaming because she wanted to walk. And Little Sis started screaming because Big Sis was screaming. How perfect, right? So we snapped some pictures to use in the post. 😉

One thing that we have not discussed much, and one thing that I didn’t think I would ever do, is bribe my kids to be good in stores. But I did it the other day and it was GREAT!  😉  Let me tell you how this happened…

It was my husband’s birthday and I decided that morning that I was going to throw him a surprise party.  In order to get everything that I needed to get (not only for his birthday, but in general because we were almost completely out of food in our house) I was going to need to take both children with me to three stores in one morning.  AND get home at a reasonable time to prepare for the party.  I had my doubts.

When we walked into our first of three stores, Big Sis immediately asked if she could have candy.  Usually I would shut this question down as quickly as possible.  Instead I told her that we have three stores to go to and that I was going to need her help to get it all done.  I was going to need her to help me with Little Sis, to be a good example, not to cry or whine or ask to have things.  I told her I was going to need her to say “ok mommy” and listen right away if I asked her to do something, even if it was hard and it wasn’t something she wanted to do.  And then I told her that at the end of the third store, if she had helped me with all of these things, she could pick a reward…which I knew would be m&m’s.

Big Sis was really excited.  So excited that she started to ask about it (“is it time to get candy NOW?”)…so we talked about how she should not ask about it until we were buying stuff at the third store.  Three stores.  And which store are we in now? The first store.  Once she understood, she talked about which store we were in and what we needed to get at that store rather than talking about wanting to get candy.

The whole rest of the time was amazing.  There were a few times that Little Sis was difficult…typical almost 2 year old behavior.  But with Big Sis cooperating and encouraging Little Sis to stay calm so they could get m&m’s, we avoided situations that could have been a lot worse.  The time that it made the most difference was when we got to a store that had two kinds of fun cart options and Big Sis wanted one and Little Sis wanted the other.  They were both asking nicely and I decided to go with what Little Sis wanted because that was easier.  Big Sis was very disappointed and I tried to talk it out with her but I could tell a meltdown was coming fast so I reminded her of the m&m’s.  (This was definitely the point where I felt like it was more like bribery than just a reward!)  It worked really fast.  She calmed down, and we had a fantastic time in the store.  They both started to get hungry and crabby so I grabbed the pb&j sandwich I had thought to pack and they took turns taking bites.  I was pretty thrilled with my own preparedness.  We didn’t waste time and money eating out…we multi tasked lunch and shopping.

We had left the house a little before 10am to go shopping and were home by 1pm.  Just in time for Little Sis to take a nap and for me to start on the cake. Not only did we manage to do everything incredibly quickly, but we were ALL happy when we got home!

There are always things about anybody’s parenting decisions that another parent wouldn’t choose to do themselves.  But we have to pick our battles and do the best we can.  For me, on this day, I needed to accomplish what I needed to accomplish quickly and with as little stress as possible.  Do I want Big Sis to learn that she only has to cooperate when there is a reward?  No.  Do I want her to learn that she always gets candy when we shop?  No.  Do I want her to learn to associate sugar with a job well done?  No.  So I will not always do it this way.  But that’s what’s beautiful about children getting older…you can change things up and talk about things with them in a way that they actually understand!

As I thought about how well this went and how I’d like to have the same result without the same bribe…er…reward…I’ve decided that a sticker chart might be a good idea to try.  We could keep it where they can see it in the van and add stickers for really great behavior while we’re out.  Or we can use an app so it’s super portable.  (I think we’ll try the app first because we recently got a new tablet and it’s fun to use it. hehe)  Then there can be a reward (a present, a treat, a fun activity…) for a certain number of stickers.  I am a big fan of stickers charts.  It is how I earned a kitten when I was a kid.  And it’s how we encouraged Big Sis to make the transition from diapers to undies during the night.

What are some things you do while you’re out to encourage positive attitudes and discourage the whining?  It sure does make a difference in how the day goes!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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Breathe. Laugh. Be Thankful.

This is the hardest stage of parenting I’ve faced so far.   And I have found myself feeling grumpy a lot lately.

Feeling Grumpy

Haha, this is actually me making a pretend angry face at my husband for taking so many photos on my birthday. But I felt it was fitting.

My almost 4 year old (let’s call her Big Sis) is developing a little bit of an attitude. I absolutely love how smart she is and how she is starting to really be able to reason through things.  A lot of times she’s able to express that she is angry and sing the song from Daniel Tiger “when I feel so mad and I want to ROAR, take a deep breath and count to four…1…2…3…4.”  But other times she yells and pushes and screams and slams doors.  She whines a lot and sometimes chooses to ignore what I’ve asked her to do or argues about it.  And although she plays beautifully with her sister half the time, the other half the time someone is whining, yelling, hitting, crying or fighting over a toy.

My almost 2 year old is just nuts right now.  She is so smart and hilarious and adorable, but she never listens.  Well, maybe not never.  Maybe she’ll listen 1 out of 20 times.  Not a very good ratio.  The past two weeks have been especially difficult.   Little Sis (yes, I am really creative with this fake name thing) has been running away from me a lot.  Twice she has made it into the road while we were playing with bikes in the driveway, despite adults being in the yard with her.  Scared me to death and now she’s not allowed in the front yard at all, which means she no longer gets to ride bikes.  That’s a bummer for her, but safety is more important.  At stores I have to buckle her into the cart, screaming, because she doesn’t want to be there but if I let her out she messes things up or runs off and refuses to hold my hand.

As I’m writing this I am remembering some incidents like this with Big Sis.  It wasn’t as bad, but she definitely went through this stage.  I remember not ever letting her get down at a store because as soon as she thought that down was an option, then she’d get upset.  I guess it’s just harder with Little Sis because Big Sis is allowed down sometimes and she wants to be like her sister.  After all, Big Sis is older and listens and stays with us really well, she should get to be allowed to get out of the cart sometimes and help me get groceries.  That’s hard on Little Sis.

Anyway, parenting is challenging right now.

But it’s always something, right?

And that’s what this post is about.  I just need to remember not to let the things around me determine my attitude and behavior.

Just because because my kids are acting in a frustrating way, does not mean I need to act frustrated.  In fact, when I tell them to stop or I’m going to tickle them, or I yell in a funny way when they are yelling, or I do some other thing that makes them laugh….things actually get better a lot faster.


Laughter is the best medicine 😉 Our toddler was eating dirt or running off or something she wasn’t supposed to be doing and was not happy when we picked her up. We often make her laugh by putting her upside down.

Just because I’ve had a really rough day, does not mean that I get to demand things from my husband when he gets home.  It would be amazing if he would sense that I had a hard day without me having to say anything and that he’d just jump in and help without me having to ask.  But when that doesn’t happen, I should not start asking him to do things in a demanding, entitled way.  He’d be happy to help if I was sweet about it, if I saw things as a favor instead of a right.

Just because there’s a lot of whining, a lot of disobeying and a lot of little sibling squabbles, does not mean that I have the right to act grumpy.  Children need to learn that just because they are angry does not mean they get to shove or hit or scream.  The same goes for moms and grumpiness.  Feeling grumpy?  Understandable.  Acting grumpy?  Affects everyone around us in a negative way.  We can try to do things to help- take a nap, talk to a friend, cry to a husband, put the kids to bed early and take a bath or read a book….whatever.  Sometimes those things don’t work out, that’s part of being a mom, and we need to just do the best we can.


This all is pretty obvious from a Christian perspective…Jesus loves us all and has patience and grace for us even though we mess up over and over and over.  (Doesn’t mean we remember to apply it in our own lives!)  But even if you aren’t a Christian, the truth is, happiness is a choice!  We cannot let ourselves be victims of our circumstances.  We get to choose our attitudes and find ways to be joyful no matter what is happening in our lives.

One of the easiest ways to change our victim mindset is to stop being so consumed with ourselves and how we feel.

My children were screaming a lot…..that made MY day difficult so I need a break.  BUT WHAT ABOUT MY CHILDREN?  They were the ones crying.  Could it be that their day was difficult too?  What do they need?  If I was feeling tired and grumpy, maybe I didn’t play with them much, or if I did I wasn’t into it and they felt that…maybe they need more quality time with me.  Do they need to get out of the house?   Do they need some one-on-one time with a parent without their sibling?  Little Sis is sad to be stuck in the cart, so maybe there’s something I can do to make sitting in the cart more fun.

I love my family.  And even on my worst day, I would rather be doing what I’m doing than living some other life.  I am so thankful and so blessed.  During the times when I am tempted to allow myself to act grumpy I want to remember to breathe (like Daniel Tiger!) and laugh (because laughter always makes things better) and be thankful.  I want to remember what I am trying to teach my kids…to control my emotions rather than letting my emotions control me.

breathe. laugh. be thankful

I read this blog post yesterday (How Not to Be Disappointed on Mother’s Day) and I just loved it and wanted to share.  Check it out.  More food for thought  🙂

Happy Mother’s Day !




P.S. The photo used in my little Breathe. Laugh. Be Thankful thing was taken by Tiffany of Tiffany Photography.  This particular photo is not the best quality because it’s been shrunken and stretched and changed in Paint for my purposes but she does a great job.  Check her out.

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Mom Moments

I thought it would be fun to send some giggles your way today.  Happy Friday!  


When you are on a date with your husband in his hot ride…the mini van…and you realize that even though you dropped the kids off an hour ago, you’re still listening to The Wheels on the Bus.

When each of your children and the children you’re babysitting have all spilled their drinks and then, with a small sigh of frustration, you reach for your own drink…and spill it.

When your toddler knows she’s not supposed to be playing with dvd’s, hears you coming, pants excitedly and shoves the dvd into the VCR.

Every time you go to the bathroom, no matter how quiet you are, no matter how nicely they seem to be playing, they find you.  They knock.  They yell.  They wonder why the door is closed.  Or, if the door is open, they cry and ask to sit on your lap.

You get the 3 year old all dressed up to play outside in the snow. Realize you forgot to have her go potty. Hope for the best. Five minutes later, undress 3yo to go potty. Have to take her to the downstairs bathroom because earlier that day she locked and closed the upstairs bathroom door and you can’t figure out how to unlock it. While helping her go potty because you didn’t want to take off her coat and hat and gloves, she sneezes in your face. Go back upstairs and help her to get re-dressed to go outside. Realize the coat/hat/glove trick didn’t save you any time. Sigh with relief because two kids are sleeping and the 3yo should be happy outside for quite a while. Five minutes later you realize you were wrong. She is ready to come inside to play.

When your preschooler is praying and she asks for good dreams, like about super heroes and M&M’s.