Explore. Imagine. Love.

Purposeful parenting amid a world of sugar, screens and schedules.


Sometimes it can be hard to remember who you are when your life revolves so much around your family.  In the last year or so I’ve been thinking about who I am.  I am no longer my college major.  I am no longer my career.  And I am certainly not “just” a stay at home mom.  On days that I spend all day at home breaking up arguments, cleaning up messes, feeling overwhelmed by laundry and dishes, and frantically trying to keep a one year old alive…I desperately need to take some time for myself to be me…

I love to sit outside on a beautiful day listening to the birds and the wind in the trees.  I like look at the stars, jump through the sprinklers, drink hot chocolate and eat ice cream (but not at the same time.) I love to read a good book in the shade sipping iced tea.  I love to swim in lakes and wade in mountain streams and feel sand on my toes as ocean waves hit my legs. I love to laugh with a group of close friends as we play a board game.  I like to hike and folf and throw a frisbee at a park.  I yearn to travel and explore new places or re-visit places I love.  I love taking pictures. I’m a wannabe young adult fantasy novel writer.

And, despite the challenges, I really LOVE being a mom.

I love to snuggle, sing, pretend, learn, dance, explore and create with my amazing children.  I love when I can find a way to say yes to something that would be easier to say no to.  I love watching them figure out how to solve a problem by themselves.  I want to encourage their curiosity, to help them EXPLORE the world, to IMAGINE amazing things, and to LOVE with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

I am a mother.  A wife.  A teacher.  A navigator.  A follower of Jesus.  I plan to blog about parenting, home schooling, exploring, and life in general.  I hope you join us on some of our adventures.



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