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Teaching By Example

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It happens every year.  The weather gets nice, the wasps come out, and Big Sis starts to freak out and want to stay inside.

I do want to try and do something about them.  They are all over our yard and they like to sting.  Big Sis and I have both been stung.  BUT I also want my daughter to learn that she doesn’t have to stay indoors.  Obviously.

Picture of Bees and Wasps - IRSo I bought her book on bees and wasps because these books are amazing for preschoolers and younger elementary for learning cool things in an easy to understand way.  She can actually read it herself, which is exciting for her.  I want her to see how awesome bees are for pollinating the world and creating honey, the difference between bees and wasps, and why bees or wasps sting.

“When you are scared of something.  The best thing you can do is to learn about it.  Then we don’t have to be so scared.  When we know all about the wasps we can be cautious, but not so afraid.”

Says the mom who can’t keep her eyes open any time a snake or spider is even just on TV.

I mean, I do what I need to do.  I can MOM-UP, you know?


This was the trip that I went Chuck Norris on the giant nasty spider.

There was a seriously GIANT spider hanging off the baby carrier that my husband had on his back on a hike one time.  (See the photo to the left…my tiny little first born all set up for a nice long hike with her little stuffed animal giraffe hanging by a rope to keep her company when she wanted it.)  So the giant spider was hanging by a long silvery spider web, starting to make it’s way toward my child.  If I had asked my husband to take care of it, it might be too late, or we might lose it.  I am not a spider catch and releaser.  I need to know that it’s all the way dead and never coming back to crawl around on its eight nasty legs toward me or my family ever again.  So I totally went NINJA on that thing, kicking it out of the air onto the ground and stomping the heck out of it; protecting my baby like a boss.  And then when it was over I danced around, trying to shake off the memory of what I had just done because OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS THE NASTIEST SPIDER!

Another time I was on a nature trail just me and the kids.  Baby on my back and two girls walking.  We came across a snake laying across the trail.  What kind of snake you ask?  Who the eff cares.  It was a freaking snake and I wanted to run away crying.  But instead I stood there watching it, trying to decide how to proceed.  It wasn’t moving.  Was it dead?  I made the girls stand back and I got a VERY long stick and poked at him.  He didn’t move.  Maybe he was dead.  So I took the girls’s hands and we tried to go around it as far away and cautiously as possible.  Then I saw his tongue move.  I calmly told the girls to keep walking and I backed away as quickly as possible, stick in hand, not wanting to take my eyes off of it until I was far enough away that I felt I could turn around.  Then we ran…for fun of course.  Because I didn’t want them to be scared.  Don’t worry, we survived.  Barely.

My point.

I definitely have my fears.  In fact, as much as I want to take my kids to the local Insectarium so that they can learn about bugs and face THEIR fears, I really secretly do not want to go and have to face MINE.  

So I decided to challenge myself and learn about snakes and spiders.  It’s a small step, I know.  You aren’t going to find me standing in line for tarantuala feeding time at the Insectarium and there is no way I’m going to touch a snake any time soon.  But it’s a step even just to follow my own advice and purposefully learn about them.  Because even just looking at pictures of them creeps me out.

Writing this post creeps me out.

What are your fears and how have you faced them?  Has becoming a parent inspired you to be different so you don’t pass your fears along to your children, or at least so you can be an example of how to not let those fears rule your choices (like spending time outdoors)?  I’d love to hear your stories.

Thanks for reading!


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One thought on “Teaching By Example

  1. Have you tried any traps for the wasps? We have them here, too, and identifing where they nest (and taking them out) and the traps help a lot. We use rubbing alcohol for spraying down the nests. It kills the bees and evaporates quickly, and isn’t toxic like raid!

    I so feel you on facing fears because of kids. I am really scared of deep, dark water. So I don’t like swimming in lakes or deep rivers much. But it’s something that is starting to come up… 😛

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