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Reading Resolutions

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I’ve never really done New Year’s resolutions.  I don’t know why though, because I am definitely a list maker and a goal setter.  I can be pretty terrible at following through on goals these days though, so I guess maybe I stay away from New Year’s resolutions because I don’t want to just be another New Year’s resolution failure statistic.  haha

But this year I decided that there is one thing I’d really like to do.  I’d really like to be purposeful about what I read!


I’ve always been a book worm.  There was no better way to spend a day (even in high school when being social was so important) than to lay on a blanket in the shade with an iced tea and a good book.  It’s a lot harder to find time to read now, as a mom.  Which I guess is why I want to make the most of the time that I do have.

I enjoy a lot of different kinds of books but the books I tend to fly through most easily are young adult fantasy novels.  I don’t want to not read these books.  I still will.  In fact, I have the final book of the Lorien Legacies on hold through overdrive.  (Have you used the overdrive app to check out e-books from your local library…if not…DO IT!)  However, I want to read other things too, and I don’t want to just re-read old favorites (I am a chronic re-reader.)  New books can be hard for me to get into  with the constant interruptions of little children, especially adult novels with lots of descriptions.  Which is one reason why I wanted to make some goals!  Because I don’t want to just read fantasy novels or my tried and true favorites over and over, no matter how awesome and fun they are.

I want to read things that challenge my perspective and teach me new things.  I want to read books that I could have a conversation with Rory Gilmore about.  (My husband and I just re-watched all the seasons of Gilmore Girls…because I am a chronic re-watcher of shows as well! haha (Is anyone else SO excited that Netflix is making a new mini-series?!))


Rory Gilmore and I are both book worms, but she is on a completely different level than I am.  I couldn’t get through As I Lay Dying in high school.  It was awful.  Faulkner inspired me to learn to write a paper for my high school English class without actually reading the whole book.  But maybe I would like it better now, as an adult.  A lot of the books I read in school impacted me in some way, and I enjoyed many of them, even if they aren’t the kinds of books I would normally choose to read on my own.

So here’s my list for 2016.  If this list doesn’t suit you, do some googling or check out pinterest for other ideas. Or make your own!

  • JANUARY: Re-read one of your top ten favorite books of all time (I am starting with this one because it’s easy for me…and I wanted something easy to get me going! I am reading Anne of Green Gables.)
  • FEBRUARY: Something you haven’t read by an author you love
  • MARCH: A book that shares another cultural perspective and true life story
  • APRIL: Something recommended by a young reader friend (aged maybe 8-14)
  • MAY: Something someone has given you but you’ve never gotten around to reading (I have so many of these!)
  • JUNE: A nonfiction historical book on a subject which you have always been curious about
  • JULY: Something from a college bound book list that you haven’t read yet…a classic
  • AUGUST: Re-read a book from your youth that had an impact on you but that you barely remember
  • SEPTEMBER: Choose a book that could help you achieve something (this could be a “self-help” book, a spiritual book, a parenting book, a book on learning a new skill like photography or coding, etc.)
  • OCTOBER: Read a book you have always wanted to read
  • NOVEMBER: A book that a movie you like was based on
  • DECEMBER: Something you have started but never finished (I have quite a few of these too!)

Ok!  I am going to blog on my progress each month.  I would like to go in order, but it’s not necessary.  If you’d like to follow along, please do!  You can comment on this post or any of my future posts on this subject, or post the books you are reading and what subject they fit under on instagram using #exploreimagineREAD. Or, if you aren’t doing my list, but want to share what you are reading anyway, use a more generic hashtag #2016readingresolution.


Happy reading!


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One thought on “Reading Resolutions

  1. What a great idea! I probably won’t keep up with your schedule, but I’ll enjoy reading your blogs.

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