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Sanity Saver: Quiet Time

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QUIET TIME IS AWESOME.  This might seem obvious, but it isn’t always obvious when you are in it. I want to remember how I feel about it right now and I hope I will keep doing it. 

Why I Have Gone Through Times of Not Having Quiet Time…

When I start having trouble getting my toddlers to go to sleep at bedtime or when they start waking up after a nap crabbier than when they lay down, I start questioning nap time.  And if they aren’t napping, then sometimes I forget about doing quiet time. Or I don’t want them to have quiet time because I don’t want them to fall asleep. We go through phases where napping creates toddlers who won’t go to bed at bedtime and I get so so so tired of bedtime battles. 


Sometimes kids just need rest though. This is a photo of Little Sis passed out on the floor in the middle of snack time. Before she fell asleep, she poured what was left of her trail mix on her sister’s shoe. Of course she did. Everything a toddler does makes perfect sense. 😉 

Why I Want to Remember to Keep Doing Quiet Time (hopefully even as the kids get much older)…

Quiet time gives me a break. Time to re-charge my patience, my energy, and do something I enjoy. I usually throw a load of laundry in, tidy the living room, and start the dishwasher or something. But most of the time is spent reading a book, doing yoga, hanging out with the bunny or the cat 🙂 …or blog! 


Quiet time gives the kids a break! 

Little Sis has her quiet time in the playroom. She can play with toys alone, which something she really doesn’t do much otherwise because she always has someone to play with. Or she can take a nap. We have a big box with a sheet over it that serves as a little fort and she snuggles up in there and falls asleep on days she needs some rest.  I try to check on her and wake her up so she doesn’t nap very long and that usually helps with bedtime.

Big Sis uses her time to play on the iPad, draw, or look at books.  I love hearing her in her room making up stories.

Little Bear sleeps. He sleeps really well because for once, the house is quiet. 🙂
Quiet time gives us all some much needed alone time. It doesn’t have to be very long. Sometimes it can last up to two hours if everyone is really into what they are doing or really tired, but even just an hour is really nice. 

I think that even as the kids get bigger I’d like to keep quiet time as part of our daily routine so the kids can read, draw, or pursue some other hobby by themselves without a lot of noise, interruptions or arguing. And I can have some time for me, too.

Do you do quiet time in your house?

Thanks for reading!


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