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Vomit Vomit Everywhere! (And a Broken Van Too.)

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Last week was nuts.

Thursday we were going to grab some dinner and groceries and drop our van off at the mechanic’s because it had been acting funny. (Which stinks because we just spent a bunch of money on a new transmission!)  He said he had a loaner vehicle for us. (We have the best mechanic!) But before we could do anything, we found ourselves in a van that wouldn’t start, stuck in an intersection during rush hour. (Well, as rush hour as it gets in my smallish town.) My husband pushed as I steered and we made it into a little parking lot. He messed with some things and it started up so we could make it to the mechanic without any more incidents. Then we went out to eat and had some fun family time rather than grocery shopping.  

That night I was awake most of the night with a stomach ache that would not go away. I thought maybe it had something to do with the meal I ordered while we were out. But the next day I could barely stand up. I was weak and had the chills and was crazy tired. My husband just happened to have a day that he could easily come home and take care of the kids while I stayed in bed. Later that day Big Sis had a bit of a stomach ache too so I figured she had it too, whatever it was. Then we were better.  

i dont have any pictures of any of these events of course, but Big Sis drew this picture of someone sitting up in bed at night and iI thought it was fitting. 🙂

The next night Little Sis was up most of the night throwing up. Her bed. Our bed. Her floor. We caught some in towels. We had to wash her hair almost every time. The next day she was fine. 

The next night she threw up again. The next day she was fine. My husband was sick though, more like how I had it. The next day he was fine. 

So I thought we had all had it. All except Little Bear, who I was hopefully giving antibodies to through breast milk. So Tuesday night we went to a Saint Patrick’s Day party at our friends’ house. Big Sis had a bunch of food in her mouth and was whining about it. I told her to spit it out so she went to spit it in the garbage in the bathroom…

And she threw up. I turned to look for the toilet and she threw up on the floor. And a little on her sister who had come to see what was up. Then I turned the other way to look for the toilet and she threw up over there. I finally found the toilet behind the open door and she was done. 

I have never seen a room so full of vomit. At my friends’ house with a bunch of guests in the next room!

Well, I wasn’t sure what to think. We had now definitely all had it, right? But Big Sis does have a really crazy gag reflex.  Wednesday went by and everyone felt great. Wednesday night went by without any vomit. We figured we could go to gymnastics class Thursday afternoon. We planned to pick up our van from the mechanic after class. But right as we pulled up to gymnastics, Big Sis vomited. 

In the car. 

The loaner car.   

At least it happened before we got to class. Can you imagine her throwing up all over the gymnastics floor? She would have been so embarrassed and she would have exposed all the other kids to this nonsense. 

Luckily she did not get any vomit in the loaner car, it was all just on her and in her car seat. I stopped by a friend’s house to borrow some cleaning supplies and was able to clean everything up and go pick up our van without any more throw up. We had plastic bags and towels ready just in case though!

My out of town friend was staying with us and got sick the way my husband and I did. For some reason it affects adults and children differently.

I was starting to wonder when this would finally end. When can I take my kids out and not have to wonder if someone was going to vomit! When can we go out and not worry about spreading it? After some serious google research I decided that if nobody had thrown up in 48 hours, we were in the clear. 

We met that requirement and were able to have a great weekend. 

So! This post doesn’t have a point to it. Just a day in the life of us 🙂 

Kids are crazy. Life is crazy. Sometimes there’s lots of vomit. 



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