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Baby It’s Cold Outside

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It is starting to get nicer out and we’ve been getting outside a lot more lately.

But what do we do when we are stuck in doors a lot during the cold months?

Arts and crafts

They draw, paint and sculpt with playdoh. We make necklaces and bracelets. I buy fun cheap little activities like this sticker face book (hours and hours of fun. ..money well spent!)  I have a million things pinned on Pinterest that I would love to do with them, but the truth is, it is very hard to do a planned activity like that when I am juggling so many other things. So they usually just do whatever they feel like doing, and I just do my best to make sure they don’t end up painting or drawing all over the house 😉

Play games together

We play board games like Memory, Go Fish, Candyland, and Sequence for kids. I really like Sequence. We do puzzles. We play games like Hide and Seek and made up games like Run Away From the Bear. Dance parties are a favorite.

Pretend play

They play Mommy and Sweetie, princesses, mermaids, pirates, camping, the beach, store, restaurant…the usual things kids pretend. We like to make forts.  They like to put on concerts and puppet shows.  Some favorite toys lately have been the microphone, keyboard, and drums.


In addition to normal little story books for kids their age, we like to read chapter books out loud. We just started on TheMagicTreehouse series. They also like to sit and look at books and I encourage them to read to their little brother. He loves it and they love it too! I sometimes fall into the trap of only reading at bedtime so I have been trying to be more purposeful about reading whenever they feel like it during the day or I suggest it if they aren’t sure what to do next.

Go to fun indoor places

We have so many fun places to go in my town. We are on a tight budget but we budget to do some cool things each month…indoor swimming pool, bowling, bouncy houses, carousel, gymnastics play time, etc. There are free things like story time at the library or the play area in the mall or a mcdonalds play place. And there are sometimes options to make things cheaper. For example my first year I applied for a scholarship to the children’s museum and got a year membership for free. The next year I discovered that they had a new option for a membership of paying seven dollars a month for my whole family. Great deal considering it is normally over $4 per person per visit!

Go Outside Anyway!

I am more of a baby about the cold than my kids. Since we have a fenced yard now I will let them go play outside while I stay with the baby and keep an eye on them from the window. They love playing in the snow. Playing outside is actually something they get a sticker for on their daily sticker chart so even if it is cold they try to get outside for at least a little each day.

Get involved with a group

There are great opportunities for moms in a lot of communities. MOPs is a cool thing that a lot of moms like. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. There are other things I was looking into, too, but the thing I am really excited about now is a homeschooling preschool group that I started with a friend. I didn’t like the idea of doing a normal preschool group because we would be making relationships with people who would end up going to school soon and then we would have to start over. So, if there is not a group that fits your family, try making one! 🙂 social media these days is such a great resource. Find a local moms group on Facebook and find out what other moms in your community are doing. I made some friends that way too.

Movie days

I love me a good movie day. We like to play in the snow and then come in for a movie and hot cocoa. Everything in moderation! 🙂

What are some fun things you do when it is cold outside? Thanks for reading!


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