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Fun With Plain Pancakes

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I did a post on how we make plain yogurt fun.  I do the same thing with pancakes…although it’s not as healthy perhaps 😉  I really love pancakes and since I eat gluten free, I don’t have as many fun breakfast options.  So I make my own, semi-healthy pancakes OR use a box mix like Bob Redmill’s gluten free pancake mix, and then do fun things to them.  You don’t need any fancy recipe.  Just make your normal pancakes and add some stuff to it!


Confetti: We do this for birthdays sometimes or Valentines Day.  I just add a little bit of almond extract. Not much because a little goes a long way.  Like 1/8 tsp.  Then add sprinkles.  And to make it really delicious I serve it with like a cream cheese frosting type of concoction.  I whip up a little heavy cream and then blend in cream cheese and some honey.

Cinnamon Roll: Have you tried cinnamon chips?  They are SO good.  I just add cinnamon chips to plain pancakes and then eat them with the cream cheese frosting concoction I mentioned above.  I tried a recipe for cinnamon roll pancakes from pinterest and it was kind of ridiculous.  They were a lot of work and stuck to my pan.  I might have done something wrong.  But these are crazy easy and taste just as good, if not better.  In fact, I kind of want some right now.

Chocolate Chip: Just add chocolate chips.  I like doing this with pumpkin pancakes too sometimes.

Pumpkin: Add a spoonful or two of canned or homemade pumpkin puree.  Throw in some cinnamon.  A little bit of nutmeg and cloves optional.  Yum!

Applesauce: Just add applesauce and cinnamon and you have yourself some yummy apple pancakes.  Applesauce is cool because you can leave out the oil in a recipe if you use it.

Carrot Cake: I just made these and am editing this post to include them.  They were really yummy.  I added some flax, applesauce, shredded carrots, puréed carrots (it was a little too appley from the applesauce before I added them…I just used some from a jar of baby food I had in the cupboard.  It would probably be especially yummy if you steamed and mooshed up fresh carrots though!), cinnamon, and just a bit of ground cloves, allspice, and nutmeg…but those are optional. I didn’t have raisins and I am not a fan of nuts in my baked goods. I did have some cinnamon chips though and decided to add those rather than to make the healthier choice and leave them out. 😉  Then I made the whipped cream, cream cheese stuff I mentioned above, but also added a bit of sour cream this time which I thought was especially delicious.  It was a hit!
photo 1 (2)

Banana: Banana pancakes are not only delicious but an awesome option if you run out of eggs.  I can’t tell you how many times I’m in bed and my kids ask for pancakes and I agree, only to find that all the eggs are gone.  If you mash up some banana and throw that in your pancake batter, you don’t need eggs.

Flax: I just throw flax in everything.  Smoothies, anything and everything that I bake.  Ground flaxseed contains a lot of omega-3’s.  You can do this with all the other options listed here.

Buttermilk: I just use buttermilk instead of milk depending on what I’m going for.  I think buttermilk makes any regular pancake taste amazing.  It really changes the consistency of the batter though and makes them really puffy.  So you’ll want to make the pancakes smaller than you would normally want them and they’ll puff out.  You can do buttermilk along with any of the other ideas listed here if you want.  I usually don’t do it with applesauce or bananas though. I feel like the flavors would compete a bit.

Coconut Milk: When I am dairy free, I mostly use coconut milk to replace milk in my baking.  Coconut milk and just a touch of cinnamon makes a good pancake.  They don’t brown up the way they normally do though.  I also do coconut milk with any of the other ideas listed here.

Berries IN: Sometimes I put the berries in the pancake batter…and in that case I will squeeze the berries as I add them.  That way the flavor gets all into the batter rather than just having the normal pancake flavor and bites of berries.  My favorites to do this with are blueberries, raspberries and huckleberries.

Berries ON: I also like to make buttermilk pancakes and put berries on top.  If you put about a cup of berries in a sauce pan with a small amount of water and cornstarch (like a fourth cup water and a tsp cornstarch mixed together before adding to the heat so you don’t get clumps) the berries will let out their juices and mix with the water and cornstarch and thicken into a sauce.  Very delicious. You can add some sweetener to it if you want.

Oats: I’ve added oats before and didn’t love it.  But I always buy normal oats.  We had family here for Christmas though and they left behind some quick oats.  I added those to some pancakes today and they were awesome.  Makes a really hearty pancake.

Combo: Today I actually did a little applesauce, some crushed fresh blueberries, ground flax, a touch of cinnamon, coconut milk, and kind of a hefty amount of quick oats.  It was so amazingly delicious.

Do you tweak your pancakes?  Please share!  Thanks for reading.


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