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Random Thoughts…Pregnancy #3

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I really enjoy writing this blog.  I was talking to a friend today about why I started it and I love that the reason I do it is for my own entertainment.  It’s a hobby.  I don’t get hung up on how many people read it.  Although I do LOVE when people read it and leave comments 😉  But anyway, this blog post is an example of a post that I really did not write for anything other than my own entertainment.  I hope that if you are reading it, that you enjoy it anyway and that some of you can even relate to some of it.

Pregnancy 1:

“Oh my gosh, look at that cute little belly!” “You’re glowing!” “Oh you look so great!” Lots of advice and offers for free baby things they no longer need.

I was a little tired from pregnancy at first- asleep at 9pm no matter where I was, but that went away and then I had all sorts of time and energy to focus on your prenatal videos, reading up on pregnancy and birth, taking a birth class, eating well so I could be a healthy habitat, getting all the baby stuff we’d need, and picking out the perfect name.

Pregnancy 2:

“Oh fun, is (child1) excited to be a big brother/sister?” Mostly positive comments.

I was busier with a toddler running around and my exercise came from chasing Big Sis at the park and dance parties more than my prenatal videos although I still did them frequently.

I was eating pretty well because I was super focused on nutrition for my toddler, but sometimes I’d find myself giving the only apple to Big Sis and scrounging for a snack for myself…perhaps a granola bar or something…and then I’d realize that I am maybe not taking that “I am a habitat” attitude as seriously this time around.

Pregnancy 3:

Wow, you’re really big.” I can count the number of comments that I’ve gotten about looking good, and most other comments have been about how big I am.  Besides having a baby, the thing I am most looking forward to about not being pregnant anymore is that I won’t have to listen to people talk about my body!!  Really, although I’d rather have a positive comment than a “you’re so big” comment, I’d prefer to just talk about pregnancy and babies than about how other people think my body looks.  “You must be due really soon, huh?” Raised eyebrows when I still have _____months/weeks left.

“You’re going to have your hands full.”  I get the feeling that a few people think that I have too many kids…although it really is totally normal to have 3 kids and only one more than two.  But those people usually have understanding smiles when they hear it’s a different sex than the first two. “OH, you FINALLY got your boy.” As if I had been trying and just couldn’t do it before.  haha  I usually just smile and nod but sometimes I can’t resist and I say that we would have been just as excited to have another girl.  Then there’s usually a look of surprise…”even your husband would have been fine with that?”  Yep.  Our girls are freaking awesome.  😉


Going on a nature walk…about 37 weeks pregnant

Exercise?  I think I used my prenatal videos twice.  But I play hide and seek and go on nature walks at a toddler must-stop-and-touch-all-the-sticks-and-rocks pace.  I climb and slide and give underdogs at the park.  That counts for something.  My body is definitely not as happy about being pregnant this time, though. My sore hips make it really difficult to sleep and sometimes if I stand in one place to cook for a long time or something, my ankles and knees become swollen and my whole body aches.

Nutrition?  I’m eating pretty well but my iron, although always low during pregnancy, for some reason went below the acceptable level this time and I have had to supplement like crazy to bring it back up.  I am a lot more tired.

Some fun things about pregnancy 3:

Big Sis thinks it is super fun to feel the baby kick and she likes to come up with creative names for him. Little Sis is in love with all babies and I’m excited for her to have her very own.

I feel like an old pro.  My only anxiety is about birth…because you just can’t know what that’s going to be like.  But knowing what to do with a baby?  I’ve got that down!  hehe

I am looking forward to things that feel so familiar now but I didn’t know to look forward to the first time…like how they arch their backs and stick their butts out when you pick them up after a nap…and snuggles on my shoulder after nursing…and kissing soft heads…and baby smells (the good kind.) 🙂

I have a ton of boys clothes in the dresser and in boxes organized by size, waiting to be used.  I am sad that this might be it and I might not get to use my sweet baby girl clothes again…but it is also fun to get new, cute boy clothes.

I am around 38 weeks now.  He could come any day!  Looking forward to feeling him squirm in my arms rather than in my belly.

Thanks for reading!


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One thought on “Random Thoughts…Pregnancy #3

  1. I love everything about this post! And yes, your girls are freaking awesome. Your boy will be too!

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