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Lana Said YES to Weeding and a Mud Bath

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Lana likes to let her son help in the garden, but usually she only lets him do easy things like watering.  This time she said yes to letting him weed the garden with her.  This was the result:


Whoops 🙂

Then she said yes to a mud bath!  What a lucky kid!


Sometimes saying YES involves casualties…like tiny little carrots mistaken for weeds….or clothes.  I come from a family of hoarders (that’s right Mom and Grandma, I said hoarders! 😉 hehe) and they saved almost all of my old clothes and toys to be passed on to the next generation.  So sometimes I find myself about to say no and stop my kids from taking toys outside or getting their clothes dirty.  But then I remember that kids are meant to play.  Really nice clothes and some special toys should be protected, sure (I just love watching my kids play with my favorite, special toys from childhood.  And it’s so fun to have my girls take 1 year photos in a dress that both my mom and I wore when we were one.)  But otherwise, I think toys should be played with and enjoyed fully and clothes are just things we wear on our bodies as we live our lives…and our lives should be full of dirt and paint and laughter and fun.  I have to remind myself of that sometimes.

Stories like this are so encouraging!  Thanks for sharing Lana!  Way to say YES!

Do you have an I Said YES story to share?  Let me know and you could be the next one featured in my blog.


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