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Children in Nature: Disc Golf

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Disc golf, folf, frolf….whatever you want to call it (although my husband would like everyone to know that disc golf is the correct term. haha)….is one of my husband’s favorite things to do.  I really enjoy it a lot too but I don’t love it the way he does.  Before we had kids we used to go all the time.  With kids it is a lot harder but still a lot of fun.


When super pregnant, I don’t really love climbing up and down the hills at our favorite course.  It really depends on the course, what kind of shape you are in, and how much you want to do it!  I went folfing when I was really pregnant during my first two pregnancies, but not this one.  I went when I was a little pregnant, but now that I’m huge and close to the end AND I have two little ones to wrangle, it’s just not going to happen.  hehe

Folfing with a newborn is pretty impossible.  I tried taking Little Sis when she was a month old.  I had her in the Ergo and tried to folf with her on my stomach.  You just can’t get the power you need for a good drive with a baby on you like that!  But I walked around while my husband and friend folfed and it was a nice walk and some good exercise.

When they are old enough to go in a baby carrier on your back such as a Kelty, it becomes more possible.  It is a lot of work though.  Again, it would be difficult to have a successful drive with a baby on your back, so every time we get to a new hole, we have to put the carrier down.  Not only is it challenging to carry the baby up and down the hills (depending on the course) but you also are lifting the baby up and down, up and down onto your back.  My husband is always the one to do it though so I still really enjoy going!  hehe

The times that it is the easiest physically is once they are able to walk the course themselves, and of course this is when it starts to get really fun for them.  Rocks, sticks, dirt, discs and disc golf baskets…what fun!  You still will probably have to carry them up and down hills or at times that they are just being too slow and you have people behind you, but it’s fun for them to walk and explore the terrain and try to be like you and get their disc in the basket.


This photo is actually of our backyard. I haven’t taken any photos of our kids folfing lately. But this is more what it is like now that both kids are older- walking around and trying to get their discs in the basket.

Disc Golfing with Young Children TIPS:

  • Find an easy course or a way to just do half a course.  Between the kids walking slowly and us getting tired from having to carry them, we only ever do about half the course.  It works well where we live because the holes 3 and 13 are right next to each other.  We just skip 4-12 and jump onto 13 from 3.  This way we also do the half of the course that is more shaded and has fewer hills to climb up and down.
  • Give the kids some cheap or unwanted discs.  They will enjoy throwing them around and trying to get them into baskets but it’s not a big deal if they end up losing them.  Because they can’t throw far, the risk of losing them is low, but there’s always a risk.  And who knows, maybe they’ll just leave it somewhere and you’ll realize at some point they no longer have it and they have no idea how to tell you where it is!
  • Look into your town’s Parks and Rec programs or see if your town has a disc golf club.  There might be some fun folf programs designed specifically for children.  We have something in our town that we just found out about and didn’t get a chance to participate in this year, but they set up disc golf baskets at different parks each week and families go down and play together.  They also have junior leagues for older children.
  • My husband says that in order to really enjoy our experience together, he has to not think of it as a night of disc golf.  Between not getting to do the whole course and wrangling children, it could be a frustrating experience for an avid disc golfer.  But if you change your expectations and concentrate more on the family time, nature, and the learning experience for the kids, you’ll have a great time!
  • Haven’t done much folfing?  Try websites like this one or this one to find a course near you!  It will usually show you a map of the course as well, which is really helpful.  Knowing which way to go next can be really tricky.

Happy disc golfing!  Thanks for reading 🙂 



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