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Children in Nature: Playing in Rivers and Creeks

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One really cheap (free) activity we LOVE to do in the summer is visit creeks/rivers.  If you live near a river or creek, there are hopefully some nice slow/shallow spots to wade in.  Parks with creeks, hiking trails that follow creeks, or fishing accesses are some great places to find these spots.  Where we live there are spots like these all over the place!  But we wouldn’t know that they were there if we didn’t stop to explore.

Exploring rivers and creeks

This is a fishing access that is sort of a rest stop/picnic area/point of interest off the highway near our house. A ten minute drive and we have the perfect place to swim. And rarely is anyone else ever there!

natural waterslide

This one is actually quite a drive and you have to hike a bit to get there. It’s not somewhere we can just decide to go to on any given afternoon. But I wanted to include it because…how FUN is this?! A natural water slide? I love coming here and wish we could do it more often.

Fishing Access

This is a fishing access near our old house and within walking distance to one of our friend’s houses. It was so close but kind of back on some country roads and not a lot of people think to go back there.

A popular swim spot on the river

This is kind of happening spot, just off a main road in our old town, within biking distance of our old house. It had a nice sandy beach and was calm and shallow for the girls. Really fun to bike to. But smelled fishy and wasn’t as nice as other places…maybe because more people visited this spot.

DSC09686   DSC09713   DSC09716

These last three pictures are of one of my favorite spots ever.  It’s a park with a creek that runs through it.  There are different trails you can go on- paved for bikers or nature trails that stay closer to the creek- and there are a lot of places to stop and wade and play.

Have you explored parks and trails and fishing accesses in your area?  If not, go do it!  Do it now!  😉 




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