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Pregnancy and Child Birth the Second Time Around

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I love hearing people’s birth stories.  I think it’s amazing that they are all so different and I love having the opportunity, and giving other moms an opportunity, to talk about an experience that has such an impact on our lives.  Whether a great experience or a traumatic experience, it is one that we will never forget.  Today I’m going to talk about pregnancy and child birth with my second child, Little Sis.

pregnancy 2

Did you read my last post about my first time being pregnant?  Pregnancy was relatively the same the second time around.  It was easier because I didn’t have any problems- bad colds, UTI’s, kidney stones, etc.  But it was a little harder because I had a toddler at home and because I got bigger faster.  Sleeping was harder much earlier and became almost impossible by the last month or so.  My hips were killing me and every time I woke up to go to the bathroom or even sometimes to roll over, the baby would wake up and start practicing fighting ninjas.  She moved sooo much.  All of my babies have been really active but Little Sis hurt me a bit more than Big Sis did.

DSC00360 2

The difference between my birth experience with number one and number two is pretty significant.   The first time was an amazing experience but it was tough!  I was so tired and although the time flew by mentally, physically I was exhausted.  The labor was intense right from the start and 16 hours.

Little Sis was late.  She was due like June 24 I think but I watched the 4th of July fireworks with a baby still in my belly.  It was the weekend- I went in to see my midwife on Friday and Monday was the 2-week point that you are not supposed to go past or you might have to go to the hospital and get induced.  I’d been doing all of the things that people do to try to have a baby- like eat spicy foods- even though a lot of them are probably just myths.  But there are some things that my midwife says actually do usually work as long as you are ready to go into labor.  One thing is drinking castor oil (eww…I have a very low tolerance for drinking nasty things and a horrible gag reflex…this did no sound appealing.)  So we decided to do the other thing- “swipe the membranes.”  I won’t go into detail about what this is, but it didn’t hurt very much and seemed to do something right away.  I was having way more braxton hicks contractions than usual all day and that night when we were at a friend’s house for dinner and a game of Settlers of Catan, I started to feel real contractions.  Unlike the first time I gave birth though, these contractions were really gradual.  We started the game and also started timing contractions.  My husband got an app for his iphone and I simply pressed the button when they started and stopped.  It was awesome and I could easily keep playing the game.  We finished the game.  I won.  (lol!)

We got home around 10 with the intent of resting as long as we could.  But as soon as I laid down, contractions got more intense.  We had a great big bath tub at the place we were living so I thought I’d get in there.  After all, I spent half of my time laboring with Big Sis in the tub- it was so great!  But when I got in there, the baby started to go crazy.  Her moving hurt more than the contractions did!  Contractions are bearable because they are pretty consistent and there’s time in between them to rest.  But the baby hurting me didn’t have a starting or stopping point or any consistency to it.  We were concerned for a bit but I got out of the tub and the baby stopped hurting me and everything went back to normal, except the contractions were really close together.  Close enough to head to the birth center.  I think it was sometime between midnight and 1am.  It seemed like no time at all and I felt like I had to push.  The nurse who was assisting had just arrived.  Although it didn’t hurt any less than the first time, it just went way better.  I sat on a little stool and Jason sat behind me on the bed for support.  Sitting upright helped a ton and it was so awesome having energy this time.  It was all happening so quickly.


My first time I was so tired I couldn’t enjoy all the details.  This time as soon as she came out she was in my arms.  I got to be the first one to see that she was a girl.  And I got to push my placenta out naturally which was so weird!  And then I asked to see it because, how often do you get to see something like that?  I didn’t see it the first time.  We just loved on her and hung out with our friend who came to be our sort of doula.  She made us pancakes and brought us orange juice.  It was great.  And nursing?  Hurt just as much as last time but I knew that that was ok this time.  I knew exactly what I was doing and I had my Mother Love, which kept me from blistering so badly.  Recovery went way better too.  I tore more this time so I was more sore but I took a lot of the herbal baths and felt better faster.


With a second child, you get the added fun of helping your first child get to know their little sibling. It took Big Sis a little bit of time to warm up to Little Sis.

Although it was still painful enough for me to say “never again”….(yeah right!)…it was a really, truly awesome experience.  I am not looking forward to giving birth again, I just love the experience in general and am looking forward to meeting our baby BOY!  I’m sure that I will be making my third pregnancy/child birth blog post some time in October  🙂


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