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Jason Said Yes To Climbing a Ladder

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While my husband was rigging a rockin’ pulley system in our garage to store things up high, Big Sis got really excited about climbing up the ladder.  Jason said YES and taught her to safely climb up and down the ladder.  Then he climbed up with her and she “helped” him work.  She was so excited and she made it clear to us that she felt like a big girl and felt special to be able to help her daddy.  She was very cautious and liked to show us how safe she could be.  Love that kid!

DSC09156       DSC09160       DSC09155


Do you have an I Said YES story to share?  Let me know and you could be the next one featured in my blog.


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One thought on “Jason Said Yes To Climbing a Ladder

  1. I love your blog. It makes me feel good about the world.

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