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Nature Walks

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Today’s Children in Nature spotlight: nature walks!


I love to hike…short hikes (like 8 miles round trip max!)   I love wandering through trees next to a river or creek and ending at a lake or waterfall and spending time enjoying that destination.  When we had just one kid we still hiked a lot because my husband would carry Big Sis and I would carry a backpack with lunch, etc.  But with two kids it’s a lot harder.  I can’t hike as far with a kid on my back.  I am definitely a wimp when it comes to carrying things.  My neck and shoulders get sore even when we’re just walking around for a long time and I’m carrying a purse or something light.  So right now our best option are nature walks.


Nature walks are different for us depending on the day and place.  Sometimes we bring a stroller- I have a two seater bike trailer that turns into a pretty good nature trail stroller and it’s fun because the kids can sit next to each other.  Sometimes I’ll bring the Ergo and let both girls walk until Little Sis is worn out and then I put her on my back.  Or sometimes we just take it easy the entire time and both kids just walk and explore and stop and pick up everything they see.  It can take us a very long time to go a very short distance!  🙂



I have a hard time finding things to do with other moms.  I tried MOPS but it wasn’t for me for a lot of reasons.  Random playdates are fun but it is so much work to get anyone to commit to a time and place and then people don’t show up…and then to have to do that over again the next time if you want to do it again.  One of my favorite things I’ve done as a stay at home mom are the weekly nature walks that I do with two of my close friends and their kids.  We invite other people and it is so fun to have them join us, but it’s nice to have the core group of friends to count on to meet up to walk regularly.  In that group the ages of the kids range from one to nine.  You might think that the older kids get bored going at the pace of the toddlers, but they seem to enjoy it.  They’ll run ahead and run back and stop to explore something or to play in some water.  Sometimes they’ll even carry or hold hands or push a stroller with a little one.  It’s a lot of fun.  We are all pregnant and the first of us just had her baby so we might miss some weeks, but  hopefully we keep it going because it is so much fun for everyone…kids and parents alike.




Thanks for reading 🙂


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