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DIY Console Table

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I was looking for a console table for our living room.  A cheaply made new one was over $100.  I looked for months on craigslist and facebook online yard sales and I couldn’t find any that I liked…or they were crazy expensive.  There was a really nice one that someone tried to offer me for $300.  What?!  So we decided to make our own.  We already had the stain and polyurethane from the other table that we made so all we really needed was the wood and some screws.  This table cost us around $30!


Jason did some nice work putting it all together.  We did run into some problems though.  We bought the wood about a month ago and just stored it in our garage until we were ready to make it.  Nothing wrong with that except that we leaned it up against the wall instead of storing it flat.  So the wood warped!  We talked to a friend and he said we might be able to save it if we screwed it down flat and got it wet and let it dry that way.  So we got some pipe clamps and bar clamps from the tool library at our local nonprofit and clamped the wood down to our deck.  After a few days of wetting it and letting it dry, the wood was pretty flat again.  Not perfect but good enough for us!   (And now we know not to store our wood leaning up against a wall.)  🙂


I really love it.  Now I just need to figure out what to put on it!



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