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Under The Sea/Little Mermaid Swim Party!

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Big Sis had a birthday party this weekend.  She wanted a Little Mermaid swimming party.  I had a lot of fun with this theme.


On this table: Blue hawaiian punch mixed with sprite.  (Hawaiian punch, sprite, and sherbet is one of my favorite easy punches for parties but we went without the sherbet for this.)  S’mores sand castle ice cream cake.  Flounder cupcakes.  Goldfish crackers (they have a s’mores option now which was so perfect since the ice cream cake was s’mores!)  Oreo crabs…Sebastian of course 🙂???????????????????????????????



This ice cream cake was SO good.  You can check out how I made it here.


Here is a link to how these are made.  I found them on pinterest.  I think they are so cute.


I saw an idea for cupcakes with gummy fish on pinterest here.  They are cute.  But I wanted Flounder so I just drew it on.  I usually do cream cheese frosting because it is yummy and white and then I color it the colors that I need and use condiment containers to draw with.  Cheaper than buying the little colored squeezy frosting in the stores.

Nailed It 2 photos

I don’t usually do a whole lot for decorations.  I’ll decorate a food table or the entrance or something but not much else.  It gets expensive, you can’t eat it or play with it, so you know…I just don’t choose to spend the time or money on it.  But I did decide to make the octopus balloons I found on pinterest pictured on the above right.  They looked easy enough.  So I bought the blue balloons and some colored balloons and some long skinny balloons.  The 20 blue balloons that we bought did not cover as much ground as I thought…and they kept popping.  Then we couldn’t even get the skinny balloons to air up at all.  We tried everything we could think of and they would not blow up!  There must be a trick we don’t know about. But we didn’t have time to look it up.  So we grabbed a sharpie and made the colored balloons fish balloons instead.  And some of those popped too.  So our fence decorations ended up looking pretty sad.  I think it might be my first official pinterest fail 🙂


We had a great time.  Big Sis was so happy to have so many friends celebrating with her.  We managed to have the one nice day on a week of rainy days.  We had a slip’n’slide, a big kids pool, and a baby pool with a baby slide.  In addition to all the desserts, we also grilled burgers and hot dogs and had our guests bring side dishes to share.  Other than the time I chose to spend making all the fun food, it was a really simple, inexpensive party that provided loads of fun 🙂

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