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Puddle Jumping


Today’s Children in Nature spotlight is on puddle jumping!  (Spring is almost over so I better get this post done first.)  🙂

Growing up I liked to play in water…almost any water I saw.  But as I said in a previous post, I was a clean kid.  So I mostly avoided dirty puddles and stuck to walking (not really splashing) in streams/rivers/lakes/sprinklers  🙂  But when I was in college, one of my roommates convinced me to dress specifically for the purpose of getting wet and dirty and we went out on a misty evening to jump in all the puddles that day’s rain storms had made.  Oh my goodness, the fun!

Now it is something I really love to do and I say YES to my kids jumping in puddles whenever I can.





We live on a hill now and do not have any great puddles at our fingertips.  We might have to work a bit harder to take part in this activity from now on, which is definitely a bummer.  We’ll have to go scouting for puddles in our neighborhood the next time it rains.  How about you, do you get puddles in your driveway?

Puddle jumping is a fun, free activity that I would imagine most kids just love.  I encourage you to try it out if you haven’t!


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2 thoughts on “Puddle Jumping

  1. I still do it! And leaf stomping.

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