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I Said Yes to Getting Crazy Dirty

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I am not a huge fan of getting dirty.  I am not afraid to get dirty, but I do not tend to get dirty on purpose for fun.  Maybe it was different when I was really small, but I don’t remember ever getting really dirty on purpose as a kid.  I liked to get wet though, which is maybe just as bad to some people.  If there was ever a sprinkler around I had to run through it and if there was a lake or stream I had to swim in it or at least put my feet in it.  That hasn’t changed much!  Anyway, I think it’s the hardest to say yes to things you don’t understand.  “Oh sweetie, let’s not get so dirty, you don’t want to mess up your nice clothes.”  Hmm….it seems like the kid DOES want to get dirty and doesn’t really care about his/her nice clothes…you’re the one who does!  😉  (Have you ever said this?  I know I have.)

SO, should we put our personal preferences onto our children?  It’s so easy to automatically make our kids do what we prefer but I try to ask myself before I say no if it is really something they shouldn’t do because it’s dangerous, rude, obnoxious, etc. or if it is something that is perfectly reasonable for a child to want to do, it’s just not something I would want to do.  My husband and I like to say, “It’s a good thing you have a mommy AND a daddy” mostly because of that natural inclination to allow things based on our own preferences.  Daddy says yes to things I wouldn’t naturally say yes to and vice versa.  When I’m home all day with them I like to ask myself, “Would Jason say yes?”

My girls, for some reason, LOVE to put sand ALL over themselves.  I think they might even be pretending to take a bath in the sand.  I’m not sure.  But I see them rubbing it on their arms and rubbing it into their hair and putting sand on each other.  If we are just outside for ten minutes before we need to go somewhere, I say no.  But otherwise (*sigh*) why not.  🙂  I don’t enjoy trying to get the sand out of their hair and it is nuts how much sand ends up in the bathtub and how much sand stays in their hair even after a bath.  But they have so much fun and it’s not really hurting anything.  They play nicely and don’t get sand in each other’s faces.  Sooo…

I said YES to sand…on heads….and all over their bodies!

I Said Yes to Getting Crazy Dirty

Big Sis is rubbing the sand into her hair.


Little Sis has a shovel full of sand and is dumping it on her sister’s head. And they both are thrilled about it.

Do you have an I Said YES story to share?  Let me know and you could be the next one featured in my blog.


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