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Transformation: Yard in Progress

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The more I live in our new house the more I love it.  I am not sure this fits exactly in the DIY category or that this post will be of any interest to anyone, but it’s my blog for my own enjoyment and this is what I felt like writing about 😉

I want a home that is not only inviting to others but is a pleasant place for my family to spend time in.  And I especially want my family to want to spend time in our yard.  I plan to talk a lot in this blog about how important I think time outside is.  One of the big things on my list when we were looking at buying a house was a place where my kids could easily spend time in nature every day.  Now, not only do we now have a beautiful, safe yard for my little ones, but we have a forest right behind us to explore when the kids get a bit older!  In this post I just wanted to share about how we’ve transformed our yard to be a place that we love to spend time in.


The front yard- BEFORE


The back yard- BEFORE

When we moved in I saw potential but nothing looked really great.  The trees were in desperate need of a pruning.  The grass was tall and matted (and got worse after the winter snow pressed it down.)  The garden area was in sad shape and had dead trees and ugly bushes.  There was wood and rocks everywhere for some reason.DSC08314We had some family come to visit and for my birthday their present was to help is in the yard.  We pulled out dead trees and ugly bushes, weeded the gardens, and re-did the plastic and woodchips covering some places.  It’s a big job and something I’m actually still working on.  Our trees blossomed BEAUTIFULLY.  Things were really starting to look good.  We had a friend who takes care of lawns for a living come and help us get a good start on mowing.  We raked and watered and did a little weed and feed (eventually I would like to have an organic yard but we decided to do it this way our first year.)  We bought a lawn mower and watered and mowed some more.


Our beautiful tree…and Jason is down there raking the yard.


Pruning makes a huge difference!


Before pruning and moving the rocks to new homes.


After pruning (and a lot of other work.) I think it looks amazing. Especially in comparison to the photo at the beginning of the post!

DSC08776     DSC08823    DSC08828

I love flowers.  Does anybody not love flowers?  I have been having some bad luck with the things that I’ve planted and that has been a big bummer.  But beautiful things I didn’t even plant myself are cropping up everywhere.  I always wanted big lilac bushes in my yard…and they were already here!  And the bleeding hearts were here too!


Sprinkler fun! Watering the lawn and playing in the water…win-win 🙂


The girls got a playhouse from their grandma and grandpa. Big Sis helped her daddy build it!


I just love things that 1. are not plastic and 2. encourage imaginative play outdoors. Cooking with grass, mud, sticks, and little flowers…doesn’t get much better than that!


I love our yard! We still have a lot to do but it looks so much better and is so pretty with all the blossoming trees and lilacs. And I love that my kids want to spend all day outside!


We used some wood we had in the yard to make a little table and chairs for the play area.


We spent all weekend playing in the yard, planting flowers, pruning, mowing with the new mower (I feel so grown up purchasing a brand new mower rather than getting an old junky one from craigslist like we have in the past!), building a fire pit, and burning our giant slash pile.  Then we had friends over for a campfire and s’mores!  It was fun spending so much time outside as a family and then being able to enjoy our hard work around the campfire with our closest friends.  It was a great weekend and I feel so blessed to have a yard to work on, play in, and share with others.


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