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Amanda Said YES!

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Amanda said YES to cupcakes BEFORE dinner!  Look at those happy kids!

cupcakes before dinner

I just LOVE hearing your “I Said YES” stories.  Part of the reason why I love hearing from so many of you is that we are all so different.  Some moms say yes easily to fun outings but are more hesitant to say yes to messy crafts.  Other moms might craft it up on a regular basis but are hesitant to let their kids take risks. And then, regardless of all that, if there are things we just always say no to, it’s fun to surprise your kids once in while and give them an unexpected YES!  Amanda’s story made me laugh…what a fun thing to say yes to!  Way to say yes Amanda 🙂

Do you have an I Said YES story to share?  Let me know and you could be the next one featured in my blog.


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One thought on “Amanda Said YES!

  1. That’s a good yes

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