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DIY Dining Room: table, wainscoting, shelf

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We bought a house last fall.  As we were looking, we mostly saw houses that were really nice with all sorts of updates, beautiful yards, nicely painted walls…but small.  They were lovely and appealing, but when we found this house, I said “it’s PERFECT!”  There were gray walls everywhere with a bright red stripe in the dining room.  The bedroom walls looked terrible.  The carpet was just ok.  The lawn needed a lot of love.  But there was room for our family to grow and all I saw was a home with a lot of potential.  It was in need of a paint job pretty much everywhere inside, which suited me just fine because then we had the opportunity to make it our own.  And make it our own we did!  I think most people must like really neutral colors, because that is mostly what we saw when we were house hunting.  But I want to live in a house with color!  A bright, happy house for those long winters when we spend way too much time indoors…that is what I want.  We are still in the process of fixing up our kitchen to match our dining room, but here is our mostly finished dining room.

Dining Room- Before

BEFORE- gray walls everywhere with a red stripe

DIY Wainscoting

We bought some wainscoting paneling at Lowe’s and it was just a matter of measuring, cutting, and hammering it all in. He did a really great job and was done really quickly. Of course, he had some great little helpers 😉

DIY wainscoting and shelf

DIY wainscoting complete and also a DIY shelf. Jason made the shelf too.

And here’s us in the process of making our new table.  This was a lot of fun, so much cheaper than even getting a nice table off of Craigslist and this way we got exactly what we wanted.  And only took a few days to make!  See also my post on why I like to DIY.


Cutting and sanding all the wood pieces for our new dining room table.


Painting the bottom parts white.


Staining the boards for the top of the table.


Putting it all together.



This table is the most impressive thing we’ve done so far.  We pretty much followed these instructions.  We made ours a little longer and Jason did something different with attaching the legs, but otherwise I think we did what she did.  We are a little hesitant about the wax finishing.  It looks great but because we have small children we wonder if it will get stained easily if when things get spilled on it.  So we bought some stuff to put on the top of it to protect it better.  We will see how that goes!

Next, I want to do something about the chairs, bring some more color in (especially orange!) and we are going to paint our kitchen cabinets white and add some color in there too.  Eventually I want to do something about our counters.  I’ve seen some fun inexpensive ideas on pinterest for that as well.  I will do a follow up post in the fall hopefully on what we’ve accomplished!

Happy DIY-ing 🙂


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