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Rachel Said YES to a Trip to the Park

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Taking the kids to the park can really seem like a chore.  You have to get everyone ready, you have to go with them (unlike perhaps just letting your kids play in your yard), the weather might not be great, you have things to do.

Rachel has FOUR kids.  She’s a stay at home mom who home-schools.  I imagine life can be pretty chaotic.  But Rachel decided that she was going to start saying yes more often.  So when it was almost time for dinner and her kids asked to go to the park, she said YES!

It would have been perfectly reasonable to say no.  It’s almost dinner time.  I don’t know exactly what the rest of Rachel’s day (or week…or month…) was like, but I know how easy it is with even just two kids to feel a overwhelmed at times by all of the energy and attention they require and by the mess in the house if we’ve been home all day.  But kids (and parents) need time outdoors (even if the weather is not perfect) and time together as a family just having fun, enjoying each other’s company away from our to-do lists.  It’s hard to think of that though when you have things to do and are lacking energy and the desire to go.  Rachel made the harder choice and said YES!  Thanks for sharing your story Rachel 🙂


Do you have an I Said “YES” story?  Share it with me and you might be the next one featured on my blog!


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