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Why DIY?


Before we had kids we lived in a lot of places…one place in particular was a tiny little apartment in the basement of an old house.  The “kitchen” had the necessary equipment but not counter space and I think it had one, maybe two cupboards and a drawer that we couldn’t even fit our silverware in.  So my crafty husband made this awesome table for me.

DSC01270Not sure why I took this picture.  It’s the only one I could find just now.  It wasn’t normally that messy- I used the counter space to chop veggies and whatnot…not to store whatever is on there in the photo.  haha  But anyway, it was amazing.  We went to our local re-purposing store and found an old countertop, some old drawers and some wood.  And he just put it all together.  We were going for functional, not pretty…but it even looks pretty good.  We had plans to put a curtain or something down at the bottom so my appliances were not so obvious but we never did.   It was a really great table.  We don’t need it in our kitchen anymore so we have it in our laundry room.

Since then we’ve gone back a few times and made some little things here and there like finding old night stands and re-doing them to match our bedroom, but it wasn’t until recently when we bought our first home that we really had an opportunity to go crazy with DIY projects.

I admit, a lot of things would not be as fun if I wasn’t married to a guy who enjoys it and can figure out how to do the hard parts.  Painting, sanding, staining…anyone can do that.  But figuring out what all is needed to make a really sturdy table…that’s a little more complicated.  Luckily there are a lot of really great things out there to help you, for people who aren’t sure about those more complicated things.  You can learn how to do pretty much anything on youtube.  Pinterest is just full of how-to blogs.  And our town has a really cool nonprofit organization that has a tool library where you can check out tools to borrow, because DIY projects are not going to be any cheaper than store-bought items if you have to buy all of your own tools.  So if you are interested in trying out some DIY projects, see if your town has something like that.  Or get to know what tools all your friends have and get in the habit of loaning each other things!

Making things yourself is amazing for so many reasons.

  • My husband and I do a lot of stuff together- watch shows, read books, play games, etc.  But there is something special about accomplishing a task together…to build something for the life that we are creating together.  I think it’s really good for our marriage.
  • It makes me appreciate things so much more.  I feel pride in what I make and I work hard to take care of it…and it inspires me to take care of other things.  I am pretty sure our new kitchen table is not going to be as messy as our last one was.  And in order to keep it pretty, you can bet I’m going to keep the area around it more clean too!

Why I Love DIY Projects!  Explore. Imagine. Love. blog

  • Making things yourself allows you, in most cases, to end up with something you really want, of good quality for a lot cheaper than you could buy it for.  Our new kitchen table (which I will blog about later) is super sturdy, made of real wood, customized to our personal preferences, and cost us a whopping $80.  A brand new beautiful wooden table for $80 is nuts.  I know because I’d been looking for a while.  That’s as much as a used table on craigslist!   And we’ll make some of that money back by selling our old table hopefully.  It has some imperfections and I know it’s not as good as if it had been made by an expert.  But it’s perfect for us and we love it!

I’m excited to blog about some of the projects that we do.  And not because I want to tell you how to make something.  I don’t pretend to be an expert of any sort on any of these home improvement projects.  We are learning as we go.  But I enjoy doing them and I love how we’re able to have things that we’d never be able to afford otherwise.  The purpose of my blogging will be to share the fun, to inspire you to try your own DIY projects, and I suppose there’s always the possibility that you can learn from my successes and failures just as I’ve learned from other bloggers.

Happy DIY-ing 😉



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2 thoughts on “Why DIY?

  1. How I needed a friend like you when I was raising kids and trying to make ends meet!

    • You seem to have done a great job. 😉 It is such an interesting time we live in now. Technology can lead to a lot of bad things, but it is also amazing. We can learn anything we want to learn. Now the trick is finding the time and energy as a mom to learn it…and teaching our kids to love learning!!

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