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Jason Said YES to a Drive and a Slide

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Jason, my husband, was having a lot of fun building our new kitchen table (which I will write about later!)  When you are doing something you enjoy and are really on a roll accomplishing a lot, you don’t want to stop for any reason.  But he had told our preschooler earlier that day that he would give her a ride in his new car.  So he stopped what he was doing, switched the carseat over, and took her on a ride around the neighborhood.  They stopped at the “park” which just has swings and a basketball court.  Our daughter was sad that there wasn’t a slide.  So when they came back home, Jason cleaned off the slide that we had just bought at our local re-purposing store.  This summer we plan to build a play structure but for now, he decided to put the slide on the stairs.  I was hesitant about their safety at first, but the slide stayed on the stairs really well.  Just have to keep checking and pushing it back up every once in a while.

Not only was the slide a great idea, but like I said, I was so impressed by Jason’s willingness to say yes to our daughter.  It would have been easy to say, “let’s do this tomorrow instead…I’m really busy right now.”  And then, “sorry the park doesn’t have a slide…but we’ll have a slide in our yard someday.”  Neither of these things would have been bad responses and our daughter would have been fine and found something else to do.  But instead he showed her that he follows through on what he says he’s going to do, that he values her feelings and values spending time with her, and then took the time to set up something really fun for her before getting back to what he had been working on.

DSC08473 DSC08476 DSC08478

I felt really encouraged and inspired as I watched this happen and I hope that  after reading this story, some of you feel that way too!  Do you have an “I Said YES” story?  Share it with me and I might feature it in my blog!


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