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I thought it would be fun to send some giggles your way today.  Happy Friday!  


When you are on a date with your husband in his hot ride…the mini van…and you realize that even though you dropped the kids off an hour ago, you’re still listening to The Wheels on the Bus.

When each of your children and the children you’re babysitting have all spilled their drinks and then, with a small sigh of frustration, you reach for your own drink…and spill it.

When your toddler knows she’s not supposed to be playing with dvd’s, hears you coming, pants excitedly and shoves the dvd into the VCR.

Every time you go to the bathroom, no matter how quiet you are, no matter how nicely they seem to be playing, they find you.  They knock.  They yell.  They wonder why the door is closed.  Or, if the door is open, they cry and ask to sit on your lap.

You get the 3 year old all dressed up to play outside in the snow. Realize you forgot to have her go potty. Hope for the best. Five minutes later, undress 3yo to go potty. Have to take her to the downstairs bathroom because earlier that day she locked and closed the upstairs bathroom door and you can’t figure out how to unlock it. While helping her go potty because you didn’t want to take off her coat and hat and gloves, she sneezes in your face. Go back upstairs and help her to get re-dressed to go outside. Realize the coat/hat/glove trick didn’t save you any time. Sigh with relief because two kids are sleeping and the 3yo should be happy outside for quite a while. Five minutes later you realize you were wrong. She is ready to come inside to play.

When your preschooler is praying and she asks for good dreams, like about super heroes and M&M’s.


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