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Saying YES to Children

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It’s easy to say “no.”  

Painting or even coloring with crayons or markers can make such a mess.  And if I don’t watch them, they paint or color on the table.  Or the floor.  Or the walls.  Or themselves.


Sometimes it takes more time getting them bundled up to go outside than the time they actually spend playing out there.  And anyway, when it’s that cold, I don’t really want to go outside to supervise!


When we go on a walk, it’s kind of nice to actually walk, rather than to stop every few seconds to look at or pick up or climb on things.


It’s faster and easier to cook by myself.  Having little “helpers” actually makes a lot more work for me.


Yep, I’m the genius who had the computer next to the 3 year old with the bowl of flour. I was using it to see the recipe.

If they pick out their own clothes and dress themselves they might not match…or something.


Clothes on backward

Am I right?  Do we as parents not all think like this at one point or another?  Sometimes we just don’t feel like doing what our kids want to do.  Sometimes we just want things done our own way.  But as a stay at home mom, especially one who is planning to homeschool, I feel like it’s my job to say “yes” so it’s something I make a conscious effort to do.  And sometimes it takes a LOT of effort!

Of course I’m not saying that we should let them stay up as late as they want and boss everyone around and rule the house.  And I’m not saying we should always drop what we are doing to accommodate them.  But the way that kids learn things is by experiencing things.  They need to paint, to go outside in all kinds of weather, to dress themselves, to help with things like cooking and cleaning, to ask a million questions, to touch everything they see.  They need to test their limits and see what they can do (ahh, Frozen lyrics, I can’t get away from you!)- to climb on things and do things that make their parents nervous.  To fall down sometimes.

So the next time your initial reaction is to say “no”, think about what it would mean to your child to say “yes!”  You might all end up being really thankful that you did.  🙂  If you have a story about a time that you decided to say “yes” to your children and were really glad you did, feel free to send it to me (with a picture if you want).  I will be doing “I Said YES” posts every now and then.  It could be yours!  


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One thought on “Saying YES to Children

  1. Liora is so tiny. The picture of her painting makes my heart time travel.

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